RUFLEX shingles — a reasoned choice!

RUFLEX shinglesRUFLEX shingles has all the advantages of current workable and environmentally safe soft roofing materials.

RUFLEX shingles (Premium line) are manufactured in Russia based on improved asphalt – the latest roofing material that provides the highest elasticity and frost resistance of the built-up roofing system.

Solutions for industrial and civil construction

RUFLEX rolled materials are professional solutions for roofing/waterproofing systems and bridgeworks, which are suitable for any climatic areas. Its state-of-the-art equipment made in the U.S.A. and Italy allows the RUFLEX plant to manufacture high-quality competitively priced products and deliver them to worksites within the shortest time possible. More

Meet RUFLEX Mint – the brand-new product with familiar name!
President of Association DIANA Alexey Kabanov visited the regular meeting of European Bitumen Shingle Organization (EBSO), which took place on November 21st in Paris, France.

Advantages of RUFLEX shingles:

  1. High wear resistance. Due to the continuous dressing of natural stone granules, durable elastic asphalt filler and high-strength glass-fiber mat.
  2. Simple installation. Shingles have an adhesive layer for fast and simple installation and are completed with all the necessary mounting and finishing accessories.
  3. Light weight. Rolled roofing requires no use of reinforced roof frame or sophisticated laying technologies.
  4. Durability. RUFLEX roofing materials are designed to withstand temperatures varying between – 50°C and +120°C (depending on the collection) and have high mechanical strength.

Why shingles?

As compared to other piece roofing materials, shingles help achieve the best ratio of durability, price and installation simplicity. Shingles combine all the advantages of asphalt roofing and appearance consistent with all present-day ideas about what the roof should look like. Roofing materials based on the asphalt filler help minimize installation waste, which allows roofing and materials to be selected accurately enough.

RUFLEX production

RUFLEX shingles

The RUFLEX plant offers:
- European quality of materials, manufactured on the latest equipment, confirmed by a  35 years’ written warranty;
- a reasonable price making shingles more available and affordable;
- a vast array of shingles including 6 collections and more than 35 color schemes.

The RUFLEX plant is part of the Diana Association uniting businesses in various areas, based on common principles and mission. The Diana Association’s companies have over 20 years been leaders in their industries due to exceptional quality of goods and services and a responsible approach to meeting their commitments.