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The DIANA Association is an alliance of successful companies, whose long-standing cooperation is based on the common mission and principles.  


The DIANA Association started in 1991 when a few independent companies joined together to build a powerful business system. The Association’s structures are united by the mission that determines a common course of development, i.e. the creation and improvement of business processes that set the pattern for the market and unite the people sharing the Association’s principles.

The DIANA Association operates in accordance with ISO 9001 standards that ensure meaningful planning and management of various business areas.
Today the DIANA Association is a conglomerate of power and responsibility and a partnership of experts and professionals in their domains. The Association is proud of its representative offices and dealers scattered all over Russia. Covering Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan, the Association’s distribution system takes into account the regional features in each of the countries and ensures that goods are delivered to these countries’ markets on the best terms. 

The DIANA Association owns ТМ RUFLEX and manufactures roofing and waterproofing materials under the RUFLEX trademark, only using raw materials of reputable world brands leading the market.

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