Briss Collection – made in Russia (RUFLEX plant)

Briss Collection – made in Russia (RUFLEX plant)


Colors of natural shades fit harmoniously into a natural landscape in combination with a smooth diamond-shaped covering, representing the roofing as the key element of a building’s exterior design. It is the diamond shape of shingles that impart special aristocraticism to the roofing.

Exquisiteness, simple design and constructability of RUFLEX Briss shingles make it the perfect choice for any architectural solutions.

Product description

  • Shingle sheet size: width – 1,000 mm, height – 317 mm 
  • Package weight: 23.5 kg  ±1.5 kg
  • Number of shingle sheets per package: 22
  • Shingles of polymer asphalt with self-adhesive lower surface 
  • Application: covering for pitched roofs with a minimum slope of 1:5 = about 11.3° 
  • Asphalt type: polymer asphalt
  • Base type: glass-fiber mat 
  • Upper layer: stone granules (basalt)
  • Lower layer: fine sand and protective siliconised polymer film
  • The material meets the European standard EN 544

Color shades of RUFLEX Briss shingles:

Amber – a gold-sandy shade as a sun ray on your roofing.

Frosty Chestnut – a rich chocolate-brown shade.  

Fiery Cinnamon – a bright red-orange shade.  

Copper – a singular mix of dark-brown and gray shades.

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Frosty Chestnut
  • RUFLEX Briss Морозный Каштан
  • RUFLEX Briss

Fiery Cinnamon
  • RUFLEX BRISS Огненная корица

  • RUFLEX Briss Медный
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