Esten Collection – made in the U.S.A. (Certain Teed)

Esten Collection – made in the U.S.A. (Certain Teed)

If your house is singular and extraordinary, why have it covered with standard tiles? Your roof deserves only the very best – RUFLEX Esten collection.

The 3D style and double-layer structure will change dramatically your notions about a shingle roof by transforming the conventional roofing geometry into special, unique outlines, and ultramodern protection will provide long-term reliability for your house.

RUFLEX Esten is a specially designed material with extremely high resistance and durability. Double-layer shingles represent not only a roofing of special quality, but also a luxury.

Watch the video instruction “Installation of RUFLEX Esten double-layer shingles"

Color shades of RUFLEX Esten shingles:  


Charm of nature
Brown is a symbol of nature, rich Russian soil, fertility and solidity. Dimness typical of brown shades triggers associations with steadiness, stability and peace.


Boost of energy and optimism
Fiery agate is a symbol of vital power. The color of this uniquely beautiful stone inspires and vivifies. The combination of terracotta shades with the unusual shape of laminated shingles reminds of a precious covering, making the roofing a real artwork.


Sun ray on your roofing
Amber is a magic stone of the sun and invaluable golden light. It is called a household charm, brings wealth in your home and has a natural healing power. силой. The texture and uniqueness of your house roofing will be seen from far away!


Mysterious luxury
The green “emerald” color is an expression of attractive vital power, mystique and mysteriousness, inspiration and fresh coolness. Your roofing of the precious Emerald color of the ESTEN collection will be a regular find for aesthets and real connoisseurs of the beautiful.




Download pasport RUFLEX Esten
 Download pasport RUFLEX Ridge Shingle

Brown Opal
  • RUFLEX Esten Коричневый Опал

  • RUFLEX Esten Изумруд

Golden Amber
  • RUFLEX Esten Золотой Янтарь

Fiery Agate
  • RUFLEX Esten Огненный Агат
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