Ornami Collection – made in Russia (RUFLEX plant)

Ornami Collection – made in Russia (RUFLEX plant)


The unusual shingle tabs resembling the roofing of castles in the Old World compose an exquisite roofing ornament.

Each color is a finely selected “accord” of shades and nuances in combination with black granules. It looks as though it “plays” on your roofing, creating a unique pattern.

Product description

  • Shingle sheet size: width – 1,000 mm, height – 333 mm 
  • Package weight: 30 kg  ± 2 kg
  • Number of shingle sheets per package: 21
  • Shingles of polymer asphalt with self-adhesive lower surface 
  • Application: covering for pitched roofs with a minimum slope of 1:5 = about 11.3° 
  • Asphalt type: polymer asphalt
  • Base type: glass-fiber mat 
  • Upper layer: stone granules (basalt)
  • Lower layer: fine sand and protective siliconised polymer film
  • The material meets the European standard EN 544.

Color shades of RUFLEX Ornami shingles:  

Coffee – a rich and soft brown shade of conservative aristocraticism.   

Sand Beach – a harsh brown-gold shade that, thanks to dark inclusions, resembles the surface of a sunlit sand dune.     

Double Cognac – a rich dark-brown shade will give your roofing a hue of classical luxury. 

Red Clay – a bright, unusual terracotta shade.


Download pasport RUFLEX Ornami

Red Clay
  • RUFLEX Ornami Красная Глина

Double Cognac
  • RUFLEX Ornami Двойной Коньяк

Sand Beach
  • RUFLEX ORNAMI Песчаный Берег

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