Valley covering

RUFLEX VIO valley covering

Ruflex VIO valley covering makes all the roofing “weak spots” absolutely leakproof.

  • Provides additional protection for inward bend zones, the most vulnerable roof areas.
  • Considerably reduces adverse effects of snow and rain loads on roofing.  
  • Helps avoid leaks.  
  • Substantially improves the aesthetic appearance of roofing.  


  • Installation method: mechanical fastening (roofing nails)
  • Roll weight: 28 kg ± 1.5 kg
  • Roll size: 10 m x 0.7 m
  • Base: nonwoven polyether
  • Asphalt type: polymer asphalt
  • Surface layer: stone granules 

Conditions of use  

Valleys are inward roofing bends exposed to rain and snow loads that are dozens of times those borne by the other elements.

RUFLEX’s designers developed RUFLEX VIO, an innovative material for protection of roofing valleys. Because the material base is polyester, it has increased strength, flexibility and stability at high temperatures and, accordingly, even higher resistance to aggressive external impacts. 

RUFLEX VIO valley coverings are colored to match the color of the surrounding shingles.

This valley covering solution rules out any ingress of moisture, for example, during a slanting rain, and provides unobstructed run-off of melt and rain water.

Valley colors: Terracotta, Gray, Heather, Dune, Green, Golden Sand, Hoarfrost, Brown, Red, Lichen, Copper, Dark Blue, Black.


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