RUFLEX RIDGE 3-tab shingles combine flexibility, reliability and fine appearance. Each shingle sheer measuring 305 mm x 914 mm is divided into three tabs (305 mm x 305 mm).

RUFLEX RIDGE shingles are designed for use as a component material for shingles produced by Certain Teed. Use the color of RUFLEX RIDGE shingles that mixes well with that of course roof covering.

RUFLEX RIDGE double-layer ridge shingles are the perfect final touch for your RUFLEX Esten roofing providing additional protection. 

RUFLEX RIDGE is primarily: 

  • double-layer protection for the most “difficult” roofing areas – ridges and eaves;
  • aesthetic design of your roofing. Use is often made of course shingles scored for bending instead of ridge shingles. It looks careless and fails to provide reliable protection.  

RUFLEX RIDGE is part of the RUFLEX Esten roofing system. Offering a range of advantages, these ridge shingles will the best choice for those wishing to have the perfect roofing overhead. 

RUFLEX RIDGE advantages for house owners and professional roofers:

  • High quality – RUFLEX RIDGE double-layer ridge shingles are manufactured by Certain Teed (U.S.A.), the world’s largest shingle manufacturer leading the world market since 1900.
  • Written warranty – 35 years for the entire roof covering of RUFLEX double-layer shingles.
  • Water impermeability.
  • Increased area of the self-adhesive layer on the reverse side makes it unnecessary to additionally apply bituminous cement.
  • Labor saving – the size of a ridge shingle sheet plus special perforation allows the installation time to be reduced manifold (no need to cut ridge elements in advance).
  • Special durability – laminated ridge shingle sheets are twice as thick as those of an ordinary single-layer ridge shingles by other manufacturers.
  • Color scheme – specially developed colors matching the color pallet of course shingles will create an excellent roofing design.


  • Base: high strength glass-fiber mat preventing asphalt fissuring
  • Shingle sheet size: 305 mm x 914 mm
  • Tab size: 305 mm x 305 mm
  • Open tab edge length: 127 mm
  • Covering (package): 9.14 running meters


RUFLEX RIDGE shingles requires no maintenance, provided that installation is performed according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Any roof, nevertheless, should be inspected at least annually to ensure roofing protection. Old roofs should be inspected at shorter intervals.

Detailed installation guidelines, including illustrations, are included with each shingle package. 

Made in the U.S.A.  

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