RUFLEX underlayment

Double roofing protection against slanting rain and icing 

  • Reliable protection against leaks on eaves – the roofing areas carrying the heaviest loads
  • Added protection of valleys – the most vulnerable roofing areas  
  • Guaranteed roofing reliability at slopes from 11.3°
  • Absence of common problems with dormers, smoke flues and other projecting elements 


  • Roll size: 1х15 m, 1х20 m
  • Installation method: roofing nails, RUFLEX adhesive
  • Base: glass-fiber mat
  • Coating compound type: asphalt polymer
  • Upper layer: fine sand  
  • Lower layer: fine sand  

Transportation and storage   

  • RUFLEX material rolls should be transported and stored vertically.  
  • When stored outdoors, materials should be protected against sunlight and precipitations.
  • When in storage, pallets with materials should not be placed on one another.  

RUFLEX underlayment (self-adhesive)

Use conditions

  • RUFLEX materials are employed for additional waterproofing of pitched roofs as an underlayment for shingles, according to the shingle installation instruction.
  • When installing multilayer roof coverings on flat roofs, RUFLEX materials are used as the lower layer according to the installation instruction for the primary (upper) roofing material. When installing RUFLEX materials, it is necessary to meet applicable construction standards and regulations of the region where RUFLEX materials are employed and to follow the recommendations of the primary (upper) roofing material manufacturer. At air temperatures below –15°С the material should be held indoors for 1–2 days prior to installation. If a heat gun or hot asphalt is used for installation, fire precautions and heat gun use instructions should be observed.   

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