Unique advantages

Преимущества Ruflex RUFLEX shingles are a roofing material of new generation for pitched roofs with a slope from 11.3° (1:5) from 90°. This is a high-tech product with unique performance and a rapidly developing lineup.

The high level of heat resistance, flexibility, frost resistance and durability parameters allows RUFLEX shingles to be used in any climatic zones of Russian and the CIS countries. 

RUFLEX® - a new quality of shingles

  • Extended warranty period of 35 years!
  • Environmentally safe material meets the rigorous European quality standards.
  • Excellent heat resistance, flexibility, frost resistance and durability parameters.
  • Flawless use of roofs in any climatic zones of Russian and the CIS countries.  

Diversity of shapes
The PREMIUM line includes 5 collections of shingles of various shapes. 

  «Locks» on shingles
«Locks» on shingles and accurate geometry help avoid mounting errors. 

Most popular colors
19 various hues allow you to choose exactly what you need.

  Complete package
Availability of all the necessary component materials for each color of a shingle collection.
  Fresh price
A wide price range enables the perfect value for money choice. 
  Special granules
Using basalt
of 5 fractions ensures uniform granule coating over the entire shingle surface. 
  Innovative production
State-of-the-art equipment of leading foreign suppliers from Italy and the U.S.A. ensures high product quality.
  Polymer bitumen
Both APP and SBS additives are employed in production as polymer bitumen modifiers. 
  Extra strong glass-fiber mat
A special glass-fiber mat increases tensile strength by 50%. 

More efficient ridge/cornice*

A wide ridge/eave ensures:
1. A 23% cost reduction (one package provides 21 rm of eave and 17 rm of ridge).
2. Reliable roof waterproofing.
3. Increased ridge mounting rate.
  Gold quality guarantee
waterproofing, heat resistance, retention of color and coating integrity. Compensation for material replacement and delivery costs.

* as compared to the Finnish ridge/eave equivalent

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