The most advanced plant in Europe, RUFLEX is involved in the manufacture of RUFLEX roofing and waterproofing materials in Saratov RegionRUFLEX plant - greenfield project 2012.

The RUFLEX plant offers:

- European quality of materials, manufactured on the latest equipment, confirmed by a  35 years’ written warranty;
products comply with the European standard EN-544;
- a reasonable price making shingles more available and affordable; 
- a vast array of shingles including 6 collections and more than 35 color schemes



Innovative plant’s features:

- high automation level;
quality assurance laboratory;
- guaranteed stable quality; 
- using only high quality raw materials; 
- highly qualified staff;
- equipment allowing fast readjustment to fabricate new product types.

The plant’s production capacity is 15 million sq m of roof covering per year.

The shops are fitted with equipment by The RDI Group (USA) and Boato International (Italy), the world’s leading vendors of equipment for shingles and roll materials.

As there was no similar production in Russia before 2012, asphalt waterproofing and roofing materials were delivered from other regions and countries.  

The Diana Association has been operating in the Russian market since 1991, supplying quality roofing materials and component parts under its own trademark RUFLEX.

The RUFLEX plant is part of the Diana Association uniting businesses in various areas, based on common principles and mission. The Diana Association’s companies have over 20 years been leaders in their industries due to exceptional quality of goods and services and a responsible approach to meeting their commitments.   

This is a very simplified scheme of the production process.


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