Meet RUFLEX Mint – the brand-new product with familiar name!

11.12.2014 RUFLEX in PARIS!

President of Association DIANA Alexey Kabanov visited the regular meeting of European Bitumen Shingle Organization (EBSO), which took place on November 21st in Paris, France.

09.10.2014 Roofers Equipment

There is no bad weather - there are bad clothes. This can be said about life as well as about works on the roof. Roofers uniform is not an imposed necessity, but a foundation of safety.

02.10.2014 SHAPE OF THE ROOF. Pent roof (single-slope) flat roof.

There are numerous shapes of roofs, and each on them has its advantages and disadvantages. What shape to choose for the design of your house – it’s up to you. We invite you to look into specialties of main shapes in this article. Let’s start with a pent roof.

15.09.2011 3 news about RUFLEX in Europe

Bitumen shingles are used in North America for more than hundred years, and more than half a century in Europe. Today, roofing shingles are used for considerable part of building constructions.

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