Specialized materials RUFLEX - a new collection of high quality waterproofing materials "premium" class.

This special-purpose materials, characterized by high physical and technical characteristics. Learn more. Learn more

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RUFLEX plant produces a wide range of roofing and waterproofing plastomeric and elastomeric bitumen membranes for objects of various configuration and purpose:

  • Industrial construction and civil engineering. 
  • Roofing restoration and repair. 
  • Road construction and bridges. 
  • Waterproofing of foundations and underground structures. 

RUFLEX bitumen membranes show improved thermal and frost resistance and flexibility; unique waterproofing properties and UV resistance. The materials are easy to apply and use and are considered super durable. Learn more.

Advantages of RUFLEX bitumen membranes:

  • Durability. RUFLEX materials lie in a wide range of plasticity from –25 to +115 degrees (according to the product line) and display unique physical strength.
  • High wearability. RUFLEX manufacturing process involves only natural mineral granules, asphalt compound of excellent performance and high-quality bases.
  • Easy to apply. High-quality application may be performed by any professional trained in RUFLEX torch-on application technique.


We offer products which vary in price, namely: EliteBusiness+BusinessStandard +Standard.

Only natural mineral granules which have not been pigmented make it possible to keep immutable color during all service life of the roof.

Only using of granules of different sizes guarantees continuous covering of the surface, joining strength and special durability of the roofing sheet.