Unique advantages

Advantages of RUFLEX bitumen membranes:

  • Durability. RUFLEX materials lie in a wide range of plasticity from –25 to +115 degrees (according to the product line) and display unique physical strength.
  • High wearability. RUFLEX manufacturing process involves only natural mineral granules, asphalt compound of excellent performance and high-quality bases.
  • Easy to apply. High-quality application may be performed by any professional trained in RUFLEX torch-on application technique.
  • Wide range of products. A wide range of products for any type of buildings and structures.
  • Systems. Our best process engineers developed some high-efficient roofing systems which appreciably extend repair free service life.
  • Methods and techniques. Laboratory technicians are constantly in search of the best compound formulations and develop new methods and techniques to improve RUFLEX engineering and consumer properties.
  • Equipment. The plant uses state-of-the-art equipment of US and Italian makers which makes it possible to put innovations into practice and continuously manufacture high-quality products.
  • Warranty. Warranty is compliant with material service life. Roof leak warranty is insured with the VTB Insurance group.
  • Packing and shipping. Clearly visible labels and automated packing system for wrapping with shrink film which protects against UV radiation; provision of edge protectors, cardboard reels and strapping which prevents damage to rolls and load collapse on pallets during transportation. Each pallet undergoes phytosanitary control which allows our products to be exported with no restrictions.
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