RUFLEX plant offers a full line of superior waterproofing products designed specifically to keep the moisture out.  

It is of importance for us that consumers purchase high-quality membranes which allow them to save money for roof maintenance and repair. Therefore, we continuously examine advanced practices of producers of roofing materials, improve formulation of asphalt compound, and design new processes. RUFLEX up-to-date licensed laboratory makes it possible to thoroughly inspect quality of materials and obtain products of the best attributes. To achieve this purpose, we have in our possession the state-of-the-art equipment part of which was mounted in Russian plants of the kind for the first time. 

Due to up-to-date processes and high-level process automation we may guarantee unique durability of our materials.

We offer products which vary in price, namely: 

All RUFLEX membranes display properties which are surplus to requirements imposed by GOST 30547-97 Standard. 

At present the plant manufactures bitumen membranes intended for the following:

  • Industrial construction and civil engineering. For single-layer and multilayer roofing of buildings, installations and construction structures with flat or gently sloped roofs used in all climates.
  • Roofing restoration and repair. For restoration of old roofs and repair of various roofing defects including removal of old roofing.
  • Road construction and bridges. For waterproofing of reinforced concrete slabs on driveways and protective and bonding layer on steel orthotropic slabs on driveways of bridges, and waterproofing of other structures in all climates where the minimum temperature of the coldest day does not drop below minus 400C.
  • Waterproofing of foundations and underground structures. For waterproofing of buildings, installations and construction structures used in all climates.
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