About RUFLEX bitumen membranes

The RUFLEX plant manufactures a wide range of plastomeric and elastomeric bitumen membranes for facilities of various shape and intended use.

RUFLEX bitumen membranes show improved thermal and frost resistance and flexibility; unique waterproofing properties and UV resistance. The materials are easy to apply and use and are considered super durable.

State-of-the-art equipment in the plant makes it possible to put innovations into practice and continuously manufacture high-quality products which comply with the most stringent international standards. The processes used help us to obtain the best engineering and consumer properties of materials.

Unique strength and durability of RUFLEX membranes are imparted by plastomeric and elastomeric ingredients.

100% guarantee of each finished product is provided by the RUFLEX plant laboratory equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, which exercises in-process control at all the stages from incoming raw material control to release of finished products.


To identify the protective membranes, the upper side and underside of RUFLEX bitumen membranes bear the following lettering:

E – polyester

H – fiber glass base

К – coarse grit

М – fine grit

P – polymeric film; first comes the upper protective layer which is followed by the protective underlayer

The digit following the abbreviated lettering stands for the reference thickness of the membranes in mm.

Advantages and disadvantages of waterproofing materials

Consumer properties:
Roll blown asphalt-based materials 
PVC membranes
RUFLEX plastomeric and elastomeric bitumen membranes
Easy installation 
5 2 5
Physical strength
3 2 5
Sound insulating properties
4 2 5
Flexibility at low temperature
2 5 5
Thermal insulating properties
2 3 5
2 4 5
4 5 5

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