RUFLEX Expert (EMP-4,0)

Description: the material is used for waterproofing and base underlayer in a double-layer roofing system. RUFLEX Expert is recommended for use in facilities where roof covering is to meet rather strict requirements, may be applied both in hot and cold weather. Waterproofing membrane shows high physical strength and excellent adhesion to the base. The material has FASTLAP proprietary fine grit topping. 

Intended for:  

  • Industrial construction and civil engineering
  • Roofing restoration and repair
  • Road construction and bridges
  • Waterproofing of foundations and underground structures       

Application method: torch-on  

RUFLEX Expert (EKP-5,0)

Description:  is used as a top layer in a double-layer roofing system. This is a high-quality material with unique properties and long service life. The material is recommended for use in facilities where roof covering is to meet rather strict requirements. Membrane may be manufactured with steadfast topping of color mineral granules. For the first time we used Basic Regeneration System, i.e. capability of "self-healing" after physical damage, which needs no human interference. 

Intended for: 

  • Industrial construction and civil engineering 
  • Roofing restoration and repair 
  • Road construction and bridges

Application method: torch-applied onto the undermost layer of the roof covering


Material Grade
EMP-4,0 EKP-5,0
25 years
25 years
Roll dimensions (length x width)
10х1 10х1
Roll weight about, kg 
40 50
Number of rolls supported on a pallet, pcs
25 20
Color range
- gray
Base polyester polyester
Low temperature flexibility, С -25 -25
Flow resistance at high temperature, С +100 +100
Tensile Strength, N 500 600


  • wide range of plasticity: from –25 to +100
  • high strength
  • high elongation at failure
  • application at temperature below zero
  • application onto any prepared surfaces
  • application immediately onto old roof covering
  • attachment to the base using mechanical means
  • each roll bears an identification label
  • availability of a reel  


  • underground parking spaces
  • raised parking spaces
  • galleries and tunnels
  • pools and canals
  • foundations
  • coverings of shaped sheet metal
  • all types of roof repair
  • industrial suspended roofs
  • vaulted roofs
  • pitched roofs
  • structural parts
  • flat roofs out of use
  • flat roofs in use
  • bridges and viaducts


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